I’ll never do this again!

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I believe that I mentioned earlier that I began to knit a shawl for my oldest granddaughter and was sorry that I had chosen this pattern. Well at least a month later I am still working on this dang thing! I picked a very simple pattern, Simply Soft yarn by Caron and an 11.5 knitting needle. So what is the reality. The yarn is very easy to use and is a worsted weight but due to the softness it seems to take longer than other worsted weight yarns. So the beauty of the pattern also makes it a pain to use because you only increase one stitch each row (it is a triangle) I have figured that I need to end with at least 200 stitches. OMG! So about halfway through I have begun to add a stitch on both ends.

This weekend the granddaughter came and I still wasn’t finished. I am so over this thing that I will finish it this week no matter what. I remembered that when I used this pattern before it was with a very bulky yarn and a size 17 knitting needle. It went a lot faster. I knit on!


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