Why I Knit

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The other day I wrote about the Zen experience of knitting. I’ve  thought about it and I have more reasons to knit. Middle Age is upon me. Well actually I am thoroughly bathed in it since I am approaching my sixtieth birthday. I had one grandmother that died from the complications of Alzheimer’s disease and one who died with dementia. Both were past eighty but still it gives one pause. And even though my Mom is still going strong at ninety-five, I think about ways I can stay mentally fit and for me knitting is as much a planning exercise as a doing exercise.

I love the idea of my projects as much if not more than I do executing them. Picking the right yarn, making sure that I have the right needles (often an excuse to buy more), learning the pattern or creating my own ( I am in the novice stages of this process). It is all mind stimulating. Every time I look at a new project I am enthused beyond belief.

So I say to myself Knit On!!!


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