Sunday -Weekly Recap

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So for me the learning part is always the best and this week I spent time with my love of felting. Sadly for me a magazine addict, I can’t find felting magazines. Interweave did one for a while but I guess it wasn’t a big seller and I haven’t seen an issue in several years. But I did find lots of websites and have also begun looking at sourcing sites. Lots of places to buy fiber. I really want to support some of the indie producers and American wool sources.

My second felting attempt was tough. I’m still not getting even amounts of fiber everywhere. I also think that I am using too much fiber per layer. This pouch took hours to felt. I didn’t have enough fiber for the cover flap. I cut the flap to give some interest to the edge but I should have felted it further to close the rough ends. The result it that it looks sloppy. It is large enough to hold an Ipad inside of it’s case though. A little larger than I was aiming for.

Ipad Case try 1

I’ve purchased an ebook Creating Felt Artwork by rosiepink textile art which has given me lots of suggestions on finishing. Because I eventually want to produce wall hangings I have gotten lots of help from this book.

I did a few rows on my grand daughter’s sock but at this rate she’ll be too big for them by the time I finish. Tomorrow starts another week. Let’s see what I can do.

Jersi's sock 1

One thought on “Sunday -Weekly Recap

    Deb Seeger said:
    February 9, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    I love the smooth looking texture of your felt, that has immense visual color texture and I enjoy the organic look. I have been felting for about 3 years now and I have discovered there are some nice books on Amazon, com One of my favorites is Alice Chad as she does a lot of resist dyeing, which I did in my undergraduate years in art school. One who is most inspirational when it comes to using natural fibers (unscoured, uncombed and just raw from the animal) is Elis Vermeulen. I do this a lot and prefer it to the over processed roving that many felters use. It took me a while to get used to the order of the raw wool but it has so much more body and texture compared to the roving.

    There are many felters who approach it as a craft but I enjoy more the art of it as I am a non representational painter but am on a hiatus for the past few months. You can look back through the older portions of the blog to get a feel of my felting ex[experience. Have fun discovering and uncovering the worlds oldest fabric: felt. You are off to a great start.

    PS if you are kniting first then shrinking it to look like felt that is really called fulling. Felting is taking raw fiber and laying it out, making it into a fabric. Once that is accomplished then one shrinks it, tightening and binding the fibers closer together, which if fulling the felt.

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