Knitting Needle Problem

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I mean I have a knitting needle problem. Every time I go to my lys Knitknack, I come home with yarn and a knitting needle. Good grief I have a billion but I can never find the one I need for the next project. Probably because it’s in the bag with the last (incomplete) project. I knit almost exclusively on circular needles. If you knit you know that they come with different cord lengths. The Wurm hat pattern calls for a 3.50mm (U.S. 4) double pointed needles. We (my knitting muse Kari and I) determined that I was casting on enough stitches to use circulars. Do I have that size with a 16″ cord? Maybe, maybe not. So I bought the new Knitter’s Pride Nova cubics circular. So far so good the needle is a cube with a point. The tip is sharp and easy to use which is saying something when I am using dk weight yarn. Older eyes need sharp needles. Anyway I only bought one. Maybe that an accomplishment since the pattern calls for two!


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