Stash Cats All Dressed

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Stash Cats 2-14

Yesterday I finished the large cat’s tail….Yeah!!!! The cats are all dressed in their finery. I love the results. Now I have the background to work on.

Stash Cat Tail LargeSeveral of you indicated that you would like a list of all the stitches I used on the large cat. There are 44 areas in total. I have previously listed the first 14. So I will start with 15 which is the dark brown on the cats body. The areas count down the body and then up the tail.

Area 15: Horizontal Florentine Variation  Area 16: Heart Darning Pattern  Area 17: Double Straight Cross  Area 18: Jacquard  Area 19: Scotch Checker  Area 20: Combination Crosses  Area 21:  Diagonal Cashmere   Area 22:    Giant Scotch with Elongated Cashmere with Giant Cashmere   Area 23:Three Cross Stitch  Area 24:  Hesitation (This is the dark grey area that is on the body and the tail) 

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