Stay Tuned For Change

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For those who have been loyal followers I’ve been gone for a while. I will be back soon with a new name and probably a new blog. Having a philosophical difference with WordPress and will probably be moving my writings. Look for information on Tricraftual which is the name that I will be using.  See you soon


The Freeform Journey Continues

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I have a billion ideas in my head. I see my freeform pieces being made into fabric and hung on walls or used as bags and today I even thought about a skirt made from freeform crochet. I have begun to play with shapes because I am more straight lines than swirls.

IMG_0254I am beginning to see that all of my color choices don’t please me but I am having fun making the different shapes. I see such beautiful things that people make freeform.


Much more to come!

Mystery Yarn

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Trailing behind a friend in a big box craft store (not my yarn place) I couldn’t resist this bag of mystery yarn.

Bargain Yarn Fiber Unknown
Bargain Yarn Fiber Unknown

Thought it would come in hand for some baby project. So why not make it a teachable moment.  I don’t know the fiber or the weight of the yarn.  I am going start with the weight by using the wpi (wraps per inch) to decide the weight (thickness) of the yarn.

WPI's to determine yarn weight
WPI’s to determine yarn weight

So the wrapping and measuring was a bit tricky. The wraps can’t be too loose or to tight. Hmn. Anyway by my calculation the yarn is DK weight. Which is what I thought by sight. Next I will decide the fiber.

Knitting In Circles

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I lay my Wurm hat down and the needle slipped I guess because I realized that a stitch had dropped and gone down about three or four rows. Well I am proud of my progress and I didn’t completely panic. I got a small crochet hook and  after several attempts got the stitch back on the needle.

However  I have almost made a large pincushion or an unintended bag  out of this thing. It is such a simple concept, you just knit or crochet around in a circle following the pattern. In my case I am magic loop knitting so I kind of knit back and forth row by row. So then how come I don’t have the right number of rows and they don’t seem to be even? it looks chaotic to me. In my knitting maturity however I have decided to finish the darn thing and wear it no matter what.

Not sure what the lesson is here. Just talking to myself, and now you.

Reflective Yarn Combines Craft and Safety

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Red Heart Reflective Neon Yellow, , hi-res

Just came across this Red Heart Reflective yarn and thought it was a great idea. Haven’t used it myself but the reviews said it was fairly easy to use and the website says that it will not lose reflective quality even after washing. Could make a great vest or hat or gloves for people who run/walk/ride in the early or late hours. Think I’ll try this for myself although I am usually home if it’s too dark. Anyway I’m going to try some.

Now I Remember Why I Don’t Use DK Weight Yarn Often

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The Wurm Hat progress is slow to say the least. Now  I remember why I like worsted weight and thicker yarns. I’m not very patient. I like the way the hat is coming out but when will I finish it? There are ten pattern rounds of nine rows each and I’ve only completed two and one-half. I need to embrace the zen of repetition and just keep going.



Wurm Hat Progress
Wurm Hat Progress

I Was On A Misson To Knit…..

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I went to my LYS  Knitknack armed with an old copy of Love of Knitting and a pattern in mind. I left with something totally different. I saw a completed hat made with a free Ravelry pattern (Wurm Hat) and knew that I had to make it. I purchased some lovely hand painted Alpaca from Peru. The brand is Puelo. It was on sale and so I bought three hanks even though I only need one for the hat. I want to make mittens with the rest. We’ll see! I also purchased Knitter’s Pride Nova Cubics size US4 (3.50mm) circular needle. So far I like!

Wurm Hat