Stay Tuned For Change

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For those who have been loyal followers I’ve been gone for a while. I will be back soon with a new name and probably a new blog. Having a philosophical difference with WordPress and will probably be moving my writings. Look for information on Tricraftual which is the name that I will be using.  See you soon


Let There Be Light and Magnification Too

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Daylight Floor/Desk Lamp
Daylight Floor/Desk Lamp


My Mom treated me to a light to help with my needlepoint. For the most part me vision is pretty good but I remove my glasses and take advantage of the magnification. The light is by the Daylight lighting company and is a floor lamp. The long stem piece can be removed and the lamp is a desk lamp. It has a heavy base and bends in an infinite number of directions. Although I use it for needlepoint you could use it for knit and crochet work as well as sewing and quilting. I am very pleased with it.

Same Wurm Hat Different Needle

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While my Denise interchangeable saved the say last week the inflexible cable made it difficult to magic loop knit. So first chance I got on Saturday I went to my lys Knitknack to buy a Knitter’s Pride Nova Cubics fixed circular needle

Unfortunately other knitters had the nerve to have bought all the needles with long cables (essential for magic loop knitting). So I ended up buying my first Addi Turbo knitting needle.

I must say that I like this needle too. The cable is very flexible which was the most important thing to me. Pretty soon I’ll be able to rent needles to friends. Anyway the Wurm hat progresses. Pictures of progress soon.

It’s Official, One Can Never Have Too Much Yarn!!!

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I have lots of yarn. But when I look at it I can’t associate it with any particular project. I’m not even sure where it came from. I mean who bought that stuff. Confession time I don’t even like some of it. Yesterday I was looking for something (okay I’m not too organized) and came across a Love of Knitting magazine from last year. In it is a cabled hat and mittens. All of a sudden I have to make them. Now I have to go to my LYS KnitKnack in Maplewood, NJ  because nothing I have will do. I must have new yarn.

I live on a fairly strict budget so I haven’t purchased much yarn over the last year. But now,  I must have yarn!! Don’t try to stop me.  Happy New Year to all the yarnly addicted!

Tool Tuesday – Stix Fix

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This is a kit made for the care of  bamboo and other fine wood knitting needles. I would think that it would work on crochet hooks also. It includes a polishing cloth, bee’s wax block and a smoothing pad. Hopefully by using this kit you can extend the life of your tools and make sure that they remain smooth so that they don’t damage your yarn.  You can buy the kit from my go to place Patternworks for just under $10.00

Tool Tuesday Knitting Graph Paper

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Today’s tool is graph paper. I have tried to make my own but it never works. This is a printable transparency that you can use to make your own designs. It comes in three sizes 4 stitches to 1″, 6 stitches to 1″ and 8 stitches to 1″. It is offered by Garilyn Knitting designs, tools,  innovations and art on Etsy. Treat your  self!



Tools on Tuesday Cable Needles

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Knitted cables look impressive. Making them can be intimidating for knitting newbies but the bottom line is making cables is not really that difficult.  Once you decide to try you will be exposed to a variety of cable needles. Remember that cable needles just hold stitches unworked until you are ready to work them. They may be held in front of the work or in back of the work.  So what about the cable needles? Like other needles you will try different ones until you find the type that you like. Some are more secure than others and at least in the beginning this will probably be important. I have even seen cable needles made by knitters that meet their particular needs. I suggest that you buy several different types and see which one you like they are not expensive so experiment!