It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

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I made a vow to myself that involved not buying every canvas that I see. I cannot create another stash. Good grief I have enough yarn to crochet and/or knit my way to Chicago. And now I have the nerve to have a needlepoint crush. Help me Lord.


Flowers in a Pot

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Sorry I don’t know the artist or the name of the canvas if there is one. Purchased the canvas at Rita’s needlepoint store in NYC. After I got it home I thought what the heck I don’t like this canvas or rather don’t like the colors. Have no fear Pam and crew at the Edwardian Needle in Fairfield, NJ came to my rescue.

Flowers in a Pot with beautiful threads.
Flowers in a Pot with beautiful threads.

I am stitching away and so far so good will keep you informed about the progress. Here is a video description youtube=]iption

About those knitted converse sneakers…

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The Confessions of a Yarnho

Yesterday, while in the mall browsing with Shelbey I came across the knitted sneakers I had seen on the web and lost all of my mind. I was happy and then instantly sad, they didn’t have my size ;/


after trying to find out where I could find my size I learned they only had these because someone returned them. The store doesn’t carry these normally. *insert sad face* So I take the picture, post it on Instagram, Facebook  and send it to Shelbey (she is in a different store) and she is all “MOMMY!! you have to have those, like did you ask them to call another store?” as she drags me back to the store. When did the roles change?  Anyway we leave the mall with out them and I am super sad.

Here is why I love my fans/followers, my FB and IG feeds were blowing up…

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Tricraftual Begins

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A year or so ago I read a blog post and the author called herself bicraftual. I loved it and today I launched my YouTube channel Tricraftual. So please visit and begin this new journey with me!


Not Your Grandma’s Needlepoint

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Taking a recommendation from my new Facebook (Needlepoint) friends, last Friday I visited The Edwardian Needle located at 390 Fairfield Road,  Fairfield, New Jersey 07004. Okay this is going to sound hokey but I felt like Norm on Cheers when I opened the door! OMG I was home! Lots of ladies stitching, Tony Minieri running one of his fabulous Embellishment classes and everyone welcoming me. I’ve only done one needlepoint in the last twenty years and oh how things have changed. The threads, the gadgets, the stretcher bars, the frames. I was overwhelmed.  I didn’t even take a photo to show you here. Well I’ll be back there soon and will share pictures with you all.

Picked up some wonderful thread for my next canvas.


This will be my first time using silk!  Stay tuned I’ve changed the color scheme more to my liking.

Did I Mention Noah’s Beard?

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Noah's Beard
Noah’s Beard

Don’t think I mentioned this last night but I tried looped turkey work. If you look closely the beard is kind of cute. Progress is slow. I will gladly finish this one!

Love over Tecnique

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For Parker
For Parker


Okay so this is done with love for sure. The technique is not great. After a 20+year layoff my skills are rusty for sure. It wasn’t until I took pictures that I could see the stitching mistakes. This is an #18 mesh and I am having trouble seeing the holes. Also my tension isn’t great and this is the first time I’ve ever used a stretcher bars to frame my wip. Well I am giving it to a dear friend for her new baby. Hope it will be okay!  Love and all!