Let There Be Light and Magnification Too

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Daylight Floor/Desk Lamp
Daylight Floor/Desk Lamp


My Mom treated me to a light to help with my needlepoint. For the most part me vision is pretty good but I remove my glasses and take advantage of the magnification. The light is by the Daylight lighting company and is a floor lamp. The long stem piece can be removed and the lamp is a desk lamp. It has a heavy base and bends in anĀ infinite number of directions. Although I use it for needlepoint you could use it for knit and crochet work as well as sewing and quilting. I am very pleased with it.


Socks May Not Be For Me

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I love the idea of making socks. What I don’t love is working with very fine yarn. I never entertain the idea of making lace items as pretty as they are. Perhaps my middle-aged eyes are the problem but I find that I have to concentrate far too much to work on tiny projects. IĀ  have only made a few pairs of socks and on each I have dropped stitches that I have had to pick up. The yarn is beautiful and I even have ideas about my own patterns I just don’t feel confident about anything that requires a size one or two knitting needle. In all fairness this is true of crochet too. Lace is lace in my book and far to easy for me to mess up. Perhaps the correct lighting and maybe a magnifier? I’m just not sure that I will ever conquer this issue. Maybe some of you sock knitters have suggestions.