Tool Tuesday – Stix Fix

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This is a kit made for the care of  bamboo and other fine wood knitting needles. I would think that it would work on crochet hooks also. It includes a polishing cloth, bee’s wax block and a smoothing pad. Hopefully by using this kit you can extend the life of your tools and make sure that they remain smooth so that they don’t damage your yarn.  You can buy the kit from my go to place Patternworks for just under $10.00


Tool Tuesday – Color Grid

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If you are like me you are attracted to shiny objects. I can’t go near a yarn store without going in. I am attracted to all the yarn colors and variations. Like many of us I buy yarn without regard to a particular project and often think that things will go together only to match them up and decide that I was wrong. This is an inexpensive gadget that may keep you from making color mistakes.


This allows you to put your color in the grid and complimentary and contrasting colors appear. You can buy it from one of my favorite sites Patternworks for $8.00. Treat  yourself.

Tuesday – Tool Day

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