Saturday Research – Slipped Stitch Edges

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There are several reasons to have a slipped stitch edge in knitting. My current favorite is  so that you have a nice neat edge of v’s that make seaming, attaching separate pieces of work together a simple process. The edge is loose and easy to work with and when you are a beginning knitter this helps you have a professional looking project.  Take a look at this YouTube video:



Saturday Research —

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There are so many terms to learn when you knit and crochet. Most you won’t learn until you need them.  I have suggested this before but I think it’s worth mentioning again, if you need help with basic stitches and abbreviations visit

One of the things that drive me crazy is when a pattern says M1 and  doesn’t specify which type of increase should be used here. says:

“Make 1. This means to increase a stitch. If the method isn’t specified, use whichever increase you like, for instance M1F.” – See more at:

Just one bit of great advice, they have tons. They also include crochet terms and advice. Visit the next time you have a question.

Saturday from Sheep to Felt Part 3

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So many lessons to learn about sheep’s wool and other natural fibers. Last weekend I bought a kit from my LYS Knitknack that consists of wool and mohair locks in pretty shades of green and blue as well as some nylon fibers in shimmery blue green iridescence. I also had a bit of roving that I had purchased last year. The kit was to be needle felted into flowers but since I had been reading in The Art of Feltmaking about making felt balls for jewelry I decided to try with what I had.So I attempted to make the locks into balls. Well first I separated the fibers and then I proceeded to wet them and put a small bit of soap on them. Well they didn’t exactly form a smooth ball. There was fiber bits on the surface and no matter how hard I rubbed with my hands they were still fuzzy.  I then switched to the roving that I had and did the same thing. They did felt. I think that I am going to try to make the ones made of the mohair and wool locks neat by using a felting needle. Anyway this tells me that at different parts of the process, wool can be used in different ways.

I continue to read and learn. Every experiment teaches me something else.

Wool and Mohair Locks made into balls
Wool and Mohair Locks made into balls

Wool and Mohair Locks made into balls

Wool Roving felted into balls

Saturday Research – Crochet Stitch Tension

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I talk a lot about knitting because I do it more than crochet but I still love both. We have tips and tricks to get the desired tension when we are knitting and today I just wanted to mention the same topic for crochet. One of my favorite sources Art of Crochet by Theresa has a great video that talks about varying tension in a project. She does a better job of explaining so here’s the link the to the Art of Crochet piece.

Saturday is Research Day

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Well usually it is but today was my first day of classes at school number one and when I got home I was determined to finish what is now my grand daughters vest. I didn’t finish but I made progress and I have to finish it in the next few days because I have so many other things to do. So the time I usually spend on my weekly research got away from me.

Hope you’ll visit again.

Happy Saturday!

Saturday – Twas the Knit Before Christmas

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No mistake. That’s how I intended to spend Christmas eve, knitting but it’s 8:52 PM and I have given up on the sweater that I’m making for my granddaughter. I will try my best to finish is in the next week but she will not be leaving Mom Mom’s house with it for Christmas. In 2012 no scheduled projects. You’ll get them when I finish them and that’s that!

I actually had to rip twelve rows and do them over and still found a dropped stitch after that. That’s what I get for rushing. Anyway the gifts are wrapped and the kiddies will be here tomorrow evening and Mom Mom Karen can’t wait.

Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas!

Saturday Research – Techniques with Theresa in Knitty emagazine Winter 2011

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Saturday is our research day and today I ran across a great article on blocking in Knitty emagazine. I have talked about blocking before but I think it’s worth reinforcing. I have attached an article in the column Techniques with Theresa that I think will be very helpful to you. Enjoy!